Contracts and agreements, Court and witness transcripts, Affidavits, Depositions, Legal disclaimers, Statements of action or defense, Certificates, Official permits, Waivers, Powers of attorney


Specs and user manuals, IT documentation, Operating manuals, Material safety data sheets, Training materials, Equipment maintenance


Informed consents forms, Clinical trials, Medical research, Health plans, Brochures for medical products, Medical articles, Hospital brochures, Documentation for medical devices, Medical summaries and information, Instruction booklets and leaflets


Individual Education Plans (IEP), Child development assessments, Communications to parents/guardians, Departmental communications, Parent- and community-facing communications


Business correspondence, Financial reports, Business plans, Annual reports, Internal financial documentation, Prospectuses, Insurance policies, Company profiles


Resumes, birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic transcripts, high school and college diplomas, divorce decrees and texts of a general nature

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